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The Seashore School trip was once again a visit to the fresh fish counter at Shoprite. Today the children were read the full post..

What a lovely afternoon the children had yesterday on their trip to the Grandstand to sample the atmosphere of the read the full post..

We read Michael Recycle as a group, we then explored the strandline for rubbish or anything else that does not read the full post..

Seashore has started once again! Beach safety and boundaries were discussed with the children and they were then allowed to read the full post..

The children in Pre-school loved drawing around the outline of their bodies today and one child wanted to name all read the full post..

The children on the Toddler Floor went for a walk in the lovely sunshine yesterday morning around Cunninghams Old Holiday read the full post..

On Woodland Learning today the children listened to the story of “A Patch of Black”. They then decorated their own read the full post..

World Book Day was celebrated at Victoria House Nursery yesterday with children and staff dressed up as their favourite character read the full post..

Woodland Learning has started once again and this week and the Pre-school children have read the Dinosaur Police book in read the full post..

Another couple of “Wow” moments from our Toddler floor today. Connell, age 2 was phonetically sounding out his name to read the full post..