Rock Pooling at Douglas Beach

To extend some of the children’s Seashore School learning we recently took preschool children on a trip down to Douglas Beach.  The session was led by Mike Bates, formerly of the Marine Biological Station, (chief diver/marine biologist) and Manx Marine Conservation Society and supported by a large number of parent helpers.  The children were introduced to sea life and saw how life exists below the shoreline.  They found lots of fascinating creatures from little Gem Sea Anemone’s, sand piper fish, shrimps, crabs, muscles, winkles, Barnacles and limpets.  shrimps, crabs muscles, winkles, Barnacles and limpets as well as many more fish and plants. All the children had an exciting time inspecting the pools at very close quarters.  Trips of this nature encourage children to explore their environment and are opportunities to observe how creatures live in different environments.  They had great fun asking some amazing questions, demonstrating that the children were processing information and building on their knowledge.

We would also like to give a big thank you to all our parent helpers who attended the session.  Without this extra support, Nursery would not be able to run such valuable off site visits.  Thank you so much for giving up your time to come with us and we hope you enjoyed it as much as the children.