Sing & Sign Staff Workshop

hotcleandrinkwhiteborNicki Gaskell from Sing and Sign came to Victoria House on Saturday morning to run a workshop for the staff. We all enjoyed a very informative and enjoyable morning.
Victoria House Nursery is now an Affiliate Nursery for Sing and Sign.
Nicki has been running classes for Sing and sign at the Family Library for 7 years and if anyone would like more information regarding these classes, please contact her on [email protected] or
What are the benefits of baby signing? – Helping to understand your baby’s needs, thoughts and ideas, reducing frustration (for baby and parent), enhancing early vocabulary and understanding, encouraging the development of speech, enriching your baby’s relationships, building confidence and self-esteem and stimulating your baby’s intellectual and emotional development.
Sign language can also be helpful for bilingual children.
Nicki has also given us information for Parents and if anyone would like this information please do not hesitate to ask!
Many thanks Nicki for your time and attention. We look forward to putting Sing and Sign into practice.