What makes the perfect nursery for your child?

Choosing the right nursery for your child can have a fundamental influence upon their early development. It is therefore worthwhile to take the time to ensure your nursery of choice meets both the needs of your child and you as a parent.

Selecting a nursery can be daunting. However, it needn’t be!

Following these steps should help alleviate your apprehensions and provide you with the best opportunity to find a nursery which is right for you and your little one.

Firstly, do your research with your child’s needs uppermost in your mind.

Plan to visit the nursery, after all, you wouldn’t buy a car or a new home without substantial thought, a test drive or a viewing! So spending some time at a potential nursery is absolutely crucial in order to establish if the environment is conducive to the needs of your child. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to think about any questions you may have prior to your initial visit.

If possible, always take another adult and your child with you. This will help when you later discuss the outcome of the visit. Your first impressions of a day nursery are important, what do you sense when you first walk in?

Engage with your senses. What does it sound like? Smell like? What is the initial visual impact like? Go with your instinct… “If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t”. Is there a friendly, warm atmosphere? Are the staff welcoming? Are the rooms and resources clean? Is there a high staff to child ratio? Most importantly, do the children look happy and engaged?

If the nursery you’ve visited ticks the boxes above, it’s a good bet that you’ve found an environment where your child will feel comfortable and happy, facilitating both human and cognitive development.

The Victoria House Approach

First and foremost, we believe it is essential to appoint and promote the right staff and fulfill our commitment to them by supporting their continued professional development. All of our staff are highly trained and have obtained industry recognised qualifications including the prestigious Manx Quality Award– something we are exceptionally proud of.

The wealth of expertise at Victoria House re-affirms our commitment to providing unrivalled quality in order to facilitate every child’s development.

We understand Passion is crucial for success. Our staff team possesses significant understanding of the theory of early years learning and is committed to extending their knowledge beyond the confines of the syllabus they teach.

In order to excel in their roles as first class role models, practitioners must possess an innate ability to communicate effectively. Through their own enthusiasm, they create a learning environment which encourages an interest in every aspect of human, intellectual and cognitive development.

We believe that good practitioners should be in constant dialogue about their nursery’s practice. Moreover, it is essential to affect change and manage change effectively – in the Early Years this can be challenging as no one day is ever the same!

As adults we all have teachers who have inspired us and who feature in our memory bank from childhood. It is therefore imperative that practitioners have empathy for the children in their care, fostering relationships which cultivate happy memories for each and every child.

As well as the theoretical knowledge from their extensive studies, practitioners must possess and nurture their own emotional intelligence and be able to empathise with all their children by encouraging them when activities are challenging, collaborating in learning and supporting them through difficulties.

Practitioners should reflect their children in their care. Being intellectually curious is never enough. A good setting needs all types to join their team, the quirky, sporty, funny and cuddly, as young children respond to different characters.

At Victoria House we are committed to the responsibility of striving to help, guide and support the children in our care to reach their full potential in partnership with their parents.

It is vital that as a parent you do your homework and source out the setting best suited to yours and your child’s needs.

Always seek out the owner, manager, staff and other parents with questions of interest. These are the ambassadors that ultimately will help you make your choice and provide an understanding of the nursery’s culture and learning environment.

It is the staff team’s passion and commitment to excellent provision for the development of the children in their care that defines a nursery’s suitability for your child.


Carolyn Nicholson Principal/Owner Victoria House Nursery


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