about us


Since opening its doors in 2005, the nursery’s growth has been consistent and substantial. Established and managed by Carolyn Nicholson, who drew upon her vast experience within children’s Physical Health and Education, and passion for the importance of high quality day care and the lifelong impact it can have on the early years of children’s lives. The culture of the organisation as a whole is to deliver a top class education in a caring environment, equipping children with inherent personal, social and cognitive development. Ten years on the Nursery has gained the prestigious Manx Quality Award.

Victoria House Nursery enjoys an excellent reputation and demand for nursery places is high. It is now an award-winning establishment, with fifteen fully qualified members of staff. The Nursery possesses top facilities, including a separate Baby Wing with a substantial outdoor garden area that caters for babies up to two years old.

The fully qualified staff team are gentle and caring and are the key to the nursery’s success. The dedication of its staff towards delivering exceptional care for its children, as well as an excellent service for parents, has not gone unnoticed. In 2011 the Nursery achieved the prestigious Step Into Quality award linked to Lancashire Education Authority, which recognises all round excellence in learning provision. This was followed up with verification of continuing levels of excellence in October 2012 and once again in April 2014 following our successful completion of Year One of the Manx Quality Award. In addition, the Nursery was nominated at the 2011 Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence in Customer Service. In 2015 the Nursery completed and gained the full prestigious Manx Quality Award.
Such recognition only serves to show that the Nursery has maintained its commitment to providing a quality, multi-faceted nursery experience for all the children and parents in their care.

The planning and delivery of what we do in Victoria House is absolutely essential to ensuring the children in our care get the maximum benefit from their experiences. Quality assurance is a key indicator for any setting. We constantly look at our own provision and evaluate what needs to improve, it is essential that we are flexible to change. Another key element is our relationship with parents. We strive to listen, and involve parents in the life of our nursery and work in partnership with them, not forgetting that our children also have a voice that seeks to be heard and understood through every fabric of society and our daily lives.

Early Years has been at the forefront of Government plans and changes and Victoria House has risen to the challenge by employing graduate teachers which has had a huge impact on the children’s learning experiences and the ultimate success of the Nursery. We follow the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage in the same way as reception and Year 1 students which eases the transition from Nursery to school. More information on EYFS can be found on the Foundation Years website. Each team within nursery cares for a small group of children on the same age and manages their own planned activities and environment under the guidance of the Early Years Professionals/Teachers. A Key Person is assigned to your child when you settle in, ensuring your child’s achievements are recorded and the activities to encourage your child’s next steps of development within the Early Years Foundation Stage are varied, stimulating, stage-appropriate and well resourced.

Woodland Learning

Our Pre-School children will experience the opportunity during the winter term to visit Summerhill Glen. Each session lasts 2 hours and takes place in most weathers. Children need appropriate clothing. Woodland Learning is about developing physical, social and emotional skills, learning how to look after ourselves, each other and the environment. Sessions allow children to have adventures and take risks in a managed environment and this builds resilience and raises self-esteem. We aim to inspire curiosity, enjoy some magical journeys, connect children with the wonder of the natural world in a very real sense and leave them engaged for the future.

Seashore School

During the summer term this naturally leads on to Seashore School where again Pre-school have the opportunity to walk down to Douglas Promenande to experience learning in the great outdoors.