Ambulance Visits Victoria House Nursery

On Wednesday 27th September 2 Volunteers from the Ambulance service came down to visit the children in Nursery.

Their primary aim was to show the children around the Ambulance and how it works. The other reason for the visit was to explain to the children what they may see should they have to be in an ambulance and use the service for any reason. This will help them understand what to expect should they or any member of their family require an ambulance. There were a lot of interesting questions and curiosity about the various machines in the vehicle. There was particular interest in the blood pressure monitor and Heart rate monitor tested out by a few of the children.  They particularly enjoyed pretending to drive the ambulance and trying on the hats. 

We would like to thank the Isle of Man Ambulance Service for this visit as the children evidently enjoyed themselves as it was observed in the afternoon play involving Dr’s nurses and ambulances.  This involved a lot of toy bandages and practitioners being wrapped in up or plasters being stuck on arms etc.  Great fun was had by all and we very much appreciated the volunteers coming down to see us it was a fantastic visit.