Apprentice Success

Victoria House Nursery celebrates Apprentices on their success in achieving their level 3 Diplomas

From right: Emma Joughin, Ray Sloane DESC (Vocational Training Manager), Amica Hattersley, Nursery Manager, Carolyn Nicholson Principal and Owner

Working in conjunction with Isle Learn and Bethany Counsell, Emma Joughin and Amica Hattersley have achieved their Level 3 Diploma’s in Early Years Child Care.

The Apprenticeship scheme was set up for interested individuals who are keen to achieve a qualification in child care whilst working in the work place.

We are thrilled and proud to have found three super candidates.

Emma a graduate in fine art and had previously worked for the Government before deciding to further her passion and dream to teach young children.

Amica was a former pupil of Castle Rushen High School and was keen to become independent by working whilst studying in her own time with Isle Learn.

Bethany Counsell, a former pupil of Ramsey Grammar school, joined Victoria House Nursery in October 2016 on the apprenticeship scheme, and together with Emma and Amica and has proven to be a value asset to the staff team.  We congratulate all three practitioners on their amazing achievement.

Victoria House has established a first class working relationship with Isle Learn which facilitates the study in line with the help of a mentor/ teacher who is always on hand to support them together with the Victoria House Management Team.

We celebrate the success of this government scheme. It has done much to alleviate the staffing crisis we have on the island in the Early Years Sector.

From right, Carolyn Nicholson Principal and Owner Bethany Counsell, Nursery Manager

The apprenticeship scheme is invaluable to young people interested in working in the Early Years as it creates a clear career pathway for young people.

This is particularly important in the aftermath of the UK government’s cuts to apprenticeships which is an extremely worrying statistic and in endanger of going relatively unnoticed. The catastrophic fall in the number of apprenticeships started in the summer of 2017 compared to the equivalent period a year earlier. “The fall from 117,000 to 48,000 is extraordinarily bad news both for prospects of individuals and future employers”.

Please support our island apprenticeship scheme so our island and young people don’t suffer the same consequence.

Victoria House Nursery

February 2018