Victoria House Nursery gains its first international award to become the Islands First ‘Eco Nursery School’.
Victoria House nursery has been awarded a bronze award which recognises that the nursery school has started its sustainable journey providing a framework which is now embedded into the heart of the nursery’s operation.
Once a school is registered with the Eco schools ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ Programme they follow a simple seven step process which allows them to address a variety of environmental themes, ranging from litter and health to biodiversity.
The nursery will now work towards gaining its second award and the prestigious Green Flag award which is assessed by ‘Keep Britain tidy’ and symbolises excellence in the field of environmental activity. As part of the framework which Victoria House nursery has put in place the children at the nursery have taken part in activities such as planting flowers and vegetables, learning about recycling and creating their own compost heap. The nursery and the children have recently been introduced to the Manx Wildlife Trust charity with a field trip to the Douglas rock pools.
At Victoria House Nursery we are proud to have ample outdoor grounds which have enabled us to create an area with a bird table and it is here that the children have been able to not only study and feed the birds that come into the garden but they have also developed their own mix of bird food in the kitchen, Victoria House own brand of bird food.

We were previously a finalist in the Isle of Man Newspapers awards for excellence for customer service. The receipt of this award establishes Victoria House as one of the BEST nurseries on the Island.

We have strong links with the Isle of Man College of Education and the Department of Education which support Victoria House in being reflective and transparent whilst encouraging us to achieve best practice as well as identifying the next steps for the development of our setting. It is our belief that this relationship gives parents and other professionals the confirmation of the high standards within Victoria House Nursery, assuring parents of the quality service we provide.