visitors to Victoria House

fireman and we are very lucky to have so many visitors from the community, and parents, who come in and enhance our learning. These are just a few highlights of visitors from over the years:

Gordon from Road Safety, who talked to the children about keeping safe on the road. Some children even had a turn at being a lollypop person.

Jan, a community nurse. She talked to the children about why and how we wash our hands.

Gemma, from Junior Sports Academy who introduced games and sporting activities. The children warmed up first by beating their hearts and getting their “engines” going!

Sarah Johnson from the Family Library in Westmoreland Road, Douglas who read a number of great stories and answered questions

The Coastguards, Phil and Sarah, who taught the children how to rescue somebody from a boat using rope and team work. They were also shown if they find something washed up on the beach whether it is safe or not to pick up. They were popular when the life jacket was inflated!

Gary, the African snail with his friends the Hermit crabs! Brought in by Dean. The children were fascinated and asked lots of questions.
Nadel a dentist and Amanda from the Cosmetic Medical Centre. We watched a DVD, engaged in rhymes, songs and movement relating to how we can look after their teeth. The children learnt about the importance of eating the right foods to build healthy bones and teeth and why they shouldn’t eat too many foods containing refined sugar. Amanda told them stories about their friend “the tooth fairy”.

Peter and Gary, two firemen who came to talk to the children about their job. The children were able to ask and answer questions. They knew what a smoke alarm was and what it was used for. The children also loved watching Sally get dressed up in the “gear”.