woodland learning

woodland-learnWe are fortunate to be located near the beautiful Summerhill Glen, which is within walking distance from the nursery. Our woodland learning initiative is a superb approach to outdoor play and learning and we are thrilled with the response from both the children and our parents who have embraced and supported us over the last few years.

Our walk to the Glen involves pointing out interesting wood sculptures dotted here and there. We looked at the changing colours of the leaves, the leaf canopy and leaf litter. We listened for sounds of the birds, the stream babbling and the sounds of the cars at the far end of the Glen.

We use the woodland to follow on from our current learning topic. This may involve acting out the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff at a suitable bridge, collecting leaves to bring back to Nursery for creative work, , going on an archaeology adventure to hunt for dinosaur bones (sticks and natural materials) and collecting sticks to make dinosaur skeleton.

The woodland is a treasure house of learning manipulatives. We learn about shapes and making shapes with sticks, leaf threading and making patterns. But most of all its about having fun and enjoying our time out and about. We play games, sing action songs and role play stories.

The learning outcomes include:

  • Communication and Language eg developing skills to participate in group play, worked together as a team
  • Mathematics eg guessing how many bones the skeleton had before counting them together
  • Expressive Arts & Design eg masks made by sticking leaves
  • Understanding of the World eg whereabouts in the woods these animals would live, e.g. streams, trees, burrows and grass etc
  • Literacy eg introduce new vocabulary in meaningful ways such as discussing the word ‘camouflage’ and looked at different photo’s of camouflaged animals
  • Physical Development eg playing games such as Bear Hunt and action songs