Hedgehogs visit Nursery

On Friday 21st of July Sandi from the Manx hedgehog society and Doolittle’s visited Nursery. Sandi brought with her some hedgehog friends, Miss Tiggywinkle and some orphaned babies. The children learnt how hedgehog’s live and what we can do to help them. They were all very intrigued by the hedgehogs and asked a lot of very good questions.  The learning from the visit will be used to build on future planning and develop their learning over the coming weeks.

All of the children in Preschool, Toddler Floor and Baby wing had the opportunity to touch the animals and say hello.  Miss Tiggywinkle was very patient and gentle letting the children feel her spikes and stroke her face.  This gave the children the opportunity to explore their sense of touch and compare the hedgehog to other animals.  Questions arose about why they have spikes and where they live and why they hibernate, introducing new words and concepts to their learning.  The children took a lot away from the experience and are now trying to persuade the nursery to get a hedgehog house to encourage them into our garden!!!

Sandi is based at St Marks and the center will be open to the public shortly. Here is a link to the Hedgehog society and we would recommend a visit as they promise a lot to attract all families and teach children animal and nature conservation in an appropriate manner pitched at the right levels. We hope you enjoy the photos as you can see the children enjoyed the visit.