Improving Outcomes for Children

At Victoria House Nursery we have always been aware that making the right choice for parents and their child is based on both the non-tangible ‘feeling right for their child’ and the tangible structures and routines that exist in all nurseries. We have a first class learning environment in our nursery but we understand that the practitioners are the best resource for our children.

As a team we have worked hard to explore ways to build quality practice in line with current curriculum and Isle of Man expectations. By using the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum we are able to identify the uniqueness of all children and use a curriculum that celebrates and supports the personal, social, emotional development, communication and language development as well as the physical development along with the more academic literacy, mathematics, understanding of the world and expressive art and design. This supports the child as a whole and has been identified as providing a balanced approach to learning whilst supporting how a child learns and celebrating what they are interested in.

Through regularly attending the joint Department of Education and Children Early Years Training Sessions and Early Years Forums we have been able to meet other practitioners and share practice whilst using these sessions to keep up to date and look at ways of improving our practice. We have also implemented self-evaluation techniques through the Manx Quality Award to bring about and thus improve outcomes for all children in our care.

Evidence from the Effective Pre-school Practice Evaluation Study and the Nutbrown Report shows that highly motivated staff who are qualified to a high standard and continue to develop their practice build approaches to learning that last beyond nursery and into Primary and Secondary School. High quality care and learning was identified as being key to children’s future learning whether the child attends nursery full-time or part-time.

So when you visit settings for the first time remember that staff are happy to talk about how they are improving children’s outcomes and the additional training that takes place to build quality care and learning.

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