Mud Mud Glorious Mud!

The children in Preschool have taken advantage of the lovely weather got stuck into the Mud patch in our Garden.

There was so much activity and imagination observed, from making a cauldron to brew some potions, to developing some paint to decorate the patch! The children explored textures and consistencies the latter of which became of particular interest as they discovered how to get the surface of the mud slippery enough to slide.

They then had little competitions with each other to see who could slide the quickest! All the children had great fun and a lot of observations were made on the children’s communication and Language, Personal social and emotional as well as physical development and many other areas. Playing outside and getting messy is an important part of children’s play and vital to their learning.

If anyone is interested here is a link a website that you may be interested in but there are many more articles and wealth of ideas on how to access this type of play at home. But our advice is get stuck in and join in with the children having lots of fun!!