our ethos

ethos heartOur ethos is based on loving kindness which begins with the child, parent and each other and weaves a circle that binds us together as a family within the bounds of nursery.

We believe that every child is an individual. They are precious and need nurturing so that they can learn and develop to their full potential in life. During this journey every child requires their basic needs to be met so that their experiences can be positive and happy. All children are essentially good and willing to learn, given the right opportunities and support.

The staff aim to foster a positive working ethos where all members of the team are equal. Everyone has the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and opinions, which will be listened to with tolerance and dignity. Within the Victoria House environment the staff will work as a team, celebrating the achievements together whilst still recognising individual strengths that benefit everyone. All adults will be encouraged to reach their full potential and strive to be the best.

Victoria House staff aim to develop an honest, caring and supportive relationship with the parents and carers. It is hoped that both staff and parents/carers will work together for the benefit of the child, showing respect, understanding and tolerance of each other. Differences will be both accepted and celebrated whenever possible. Both staff and parents/carers will be approachable, non-judgemental and polite at all times.

Victoria House Centre for Early Learning aims to develop a reliable, safe and welcoming environment for all the community to enjoy. The community will be treated with respect in a non-discriminatory and unbiased relationship so that a ‘safe haven’ can be created which fosters an open door policy. As this relationship develops the staff hope to become a dependable, integral part of the community for the benefit of everyone.

Children have a right to an environment that facilitates their development and we aim to provide the best stage appropriate curriculum available, offering diverse opportunities for learning and having fun.

At Victoria House we aim to:

  • provide high quality care and education for young children
  • work in partnership with parents to help children to learn and develop
  • add to the life and well-being of its local community
  • offer children and their parents a service which promotes equality and values diversity
  • follow nationally recognised frameworks and curriculum