Successful Preschool Curriculum Evening

We would like to thank all the parents who attended the Preschool evening on Tuesday 10th of October 2017. We hope you all found the event informative and see how we strive to enhance our provision, following the philosophy ‘to continue and progress’ throughout the nursery year by creating an environment that is collaborative, creative as well as intuitive for your little learners to grow and make positive contributions to society and the world as a whole.

The staff achieve this by monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the learning environment for the children in our care. The primary purpose of the evening was to give you an insight into your child’s learning and what you can expect over this next year. We hope that you all had a fun evening and we know all the staff enjoyed sharing activities as well as chatting to you all.

Feedback from these events are very helpful and we appreciate any comments you have to make that will help us with improving our practice as well as build experiences we offer for your children. We also value your opinion how the evening was run and whether you have any suggestions that will help us when we host future evenings.