Tea Parties

A great days were had at the annual Baby wing, Toddler floor, and preschool parties celebrated at the NSC January 2018.

All our families had the opportunity to attend our 2 parties held in January at the NSC. Lots of games were played by children, staff and adults . It was fantastic to see so many people there and it was an excellent opportunity for parents to socialise with each other and practitioners in a different environment. The children were still talking enthusiastically about the party for many days after the event recanting tales of staff being dressed as snow men and Mummy/Daddy playing tug of war, which means so much to the staff.

It is our pleasure to put on these events as we recognise the importance for parents to build up a net work of friends during these early years and we are proud to provide an opportunity for the parents and staff team to socialise and network outside of nursery. A true vision of working in partnership with parents!

Thanks again to all the staff who generously gave their time to enhance the Victoria House nursery provision. A fantastic afternoon had by all.