baby wing

The Baby Wing has a homely atmosphere where your child’s needs will be met and catered for by highly experienced, warm and caring staff.

baby crawl

The baby Wing at Victoria House looks after children from birth to two years old. We offer full day sessions from 8am-6pm.

The Baby Wing is a self-contained unit with a safe outside play area and embraces the EYFS curriculum. Your child will be cared for by qualified and experienced members of staff. During your child’s stay he/she will enjoy a safe, happy, caring and stimulating environment where they are able to socialise with their peers. Your child’s day will involve messy place such as sand, dough and painting. They will also be able to discover new things and enjoy a variety of textures which in turn enables them to learn to be independent thus enabling them to grow in their self-confidence.

Before your child starts the staff will invite parents and children for taster sessions. These usually take place a couple of weeks before your child’s start date and usually last one hour. At these taster sessions the staff will discuss your child’s needs and routines. These sessions enable your child to adjust to their new surroundings and this will make the transition from home to Nursery easier for both parent and child.

Part of the routine in the Baby Wing is to go for regular walks. Nobles Park is a favourite, especially as the “walkers” love to be out of the pushchair and have a walk.

Observations are made on each child which enables the staff to put in place activities, toys and learning which promote their development. As each child is unique this is a great way of sharing with parents their child’s learning and development. These observations are placed into an “All About Me” book which is always available for parents to have a look at. Parents are encouraged to take their child’s All About Me Book home and contribute by way of a picture of a family outing etc on a regular basis thus forging a growing link between parent and nursery. This book is passed on to the staff that will look after your child when they go upstairs to the Toddler Floor. This ensures the continuity of your child’s learning and development.