Woodland Learning 2021

Our Woodland Learning sessions have recommenced for this academic year. Our pre-school children are thoroughly enjoying going out on the trips. For week 1 we have started by discussing the importance of holding hands at all times when we are walking to and from the glen. Before we left the nursery we also talked about what we could hear and road safety. The children learnt how important it is to stop, look, listen and think before crossing the road. For our first activity we have been out blackberry picking. The children have had great fun picking the blackberries and putting them in their buckets to take back to nursery. We also read a book called ‘Rufus and the blackberry Monster’. Using the blackberries we collected with turned them into jam and each child has taken a pot home with them.

For our second week of woodland learning we went down the glen. We were very lucky to be able to have a look at all the lights as they had been turned on. The children were fascinated by the lights and were talking about how they come to the glen to see them with their mummies and daddies. Down the glen we explored the boundaries that we have to follow and the importance of staying close to the ladies at all times. To do this we played a game called the “Stop ’n’ Go” game. The children had to walk in front of the ladies exploring the glen and if we shouted “STOP” the children had to freeze and turn to make sure they were near the ladies. The children were great at this.

For our third trip down the glen we went on a leaf hunt. The children had to use a leaf identification sheet to work out what all the different types of leaves were that they found. The children found it interesting learning about the leaves and using the leaves they found they made a nature picture.

For our fourth week in the glen we went on a mini beasts hunt. We used magnifying glasses to search for spiders, ladybirds, slugs, snails and millipedes. The children were lifting up logs, rocks and digging in the soil to find the bugs. A few of the children decided to make bug houses using natural materials for the bugs that they had found.